• Guess which well-known Kiwi celebs are coming to run the inaugural T.I.M?
    Posted: 11/7/2017
  • Experienced Wanganui athlete Scott Taylor Moore does not let arthritis stop him from gearing up for the inaugural Tauranga International Marathon.
    Posted: 11/7/2017
  • Turning 47 was a catalyst for wife, mum and employee Holly Trillo, who decided to swap the couch for a pair of running shoes.
    Posted: 11/7/2017
  • The inaugural Tauranga International Marathon will attract runners from around the country in October.
    Posted: 31/5/2017
  • Slowly, inexplicably, something has changed and your relationship with running appears to have soured. Dragging on your shoes has as much appeal as cleaning your teeth – and is about as much fun. Relax: it happens to all of us, and is almost always temporary. Follow our Top Tips to rediscover the love…
    Posted: 22/3/2017
  • Apparently we are firmly entrenched in the second running boom. The first happened in the 1970’s – 80’s where there were an estimated 25 million runners worldwide. According to Brad Beer’s book “You Can Run Pain Free” the boom we are in presently estimates there are around 200 million of us pounding pavements, trails and all manner of other surfaces! That’s some serious growth.
    Posted: 22/3/2017

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